Do You Suffer From This Personal Productivity Disease?

There are many things that prevent us from reaching our optimal level of personal productivity. Leaving unfinished tasks is a behavior that will always prevent you from reaching any great heights of productivity. Every time we allow an interruption of any sort, we are automatically leaving the task that we are currently working on. We actually interrupt ourselves as well. We daydream, we take a break, we look at something else on the desk but in reality we are leaving one thing to do another.

When we have tasks that are unfinished, we are putting undue pressure on colleagues who are depending on their completion. You probably know and have experienced the effect of a co-worker who does not complete their tasks. “Un-finishers” are unable, for any number of reasons, to complete tasks. You can recognize them by the trail of unfinished projects that they leave in their wake. Some people don’t finish projects because they don’t think that their efforts will be considered good enough. Others are just unable to cope with conflicting priorities so they swap from job to job all the time without ever putting enough work in to act in to actually finish them.

At the other end of the scale there is the “Finisher.” This is the person who has a compulsion to finish every task they start. They will stick with the project until it is completed. They will achieve this in spite of all the challenges, barriers and hurdles. “Finishers” will not tolerate any interruptions except for emergencies. Even under these circumstances, they will make sure that the priority of the crisis is higher than their task and will make absolutely sure that they are required to deal with the crisis. They have a single-minded ability to focus on the job in hand and demonstrate high levels of productivity whilst they are in this mode.

You have probably recognized that the problem of leaving tasks that are partly done is linked to other time wasters, a lack of self-discipline, an inability to set priorities, interruptions of all sorts or personal disorganization. These links will show you the solution to becoming a “Finisher” so that your personal productivity will increase.

  • Only when you have finished the job-reward yourself.
  • Set realistic deadlines for your self.
  • Keep a really clear focus on your priorities. If in doubt check with your boss. Your boss’s priorities are your priorities.
  • Learn to anticipate problems that will occur with any task.
  • Keep a tidy desk so that it doesn’t interrupt you.