Time Management Tips for Entrepreneurs – How to Boost Your Personal Productivity

One of the most common challenges that people face, especially entrepreneurs, is to effectively manage their time. In this information age, there is too much information to sift through and if you let the information control you then you will feel overwhelmed and under-achieve. So what does one have to do to improve their personal productivity? Several ideas have been proposed and here I would like to summarize all the points into 4 main points. So let’s get started.

Point #1: Break free from the Time Management myth: You have to first change your mindset and point of view to understand and acknowledge the fact that Time cannot be managed. Time is time and is a constant. What you have to focus on, instead, is how to manage YOURSELF in time. Stephen Covey once said, “Time Management is a misnomer. The key is to manage yourself.” So from the here on, the focus will be on how YOU can take charge of your time.

Point #2: Tackle Overwhelm effectively: In this age you have too much information coming at you, and one keeps jumping from one topic to the other leading to overwhelm and waste of time. We always move in the direction we look. So if you want to change your direction, then just change where you look. And one keeps looking at different things throughout the day, and guess what they end up moving everywhere – and that means nowhere. So how do you tackle it? Let’s start with you – Don’t complain about too much information. The way you look at it determines how you would react to it. You CANNOT AVOID overwhelm, but you CAN MANAGE it. And this is how you do it:

1. You must form the habit of scheduling everything that needs to be done: You cannot just react to new information. Be a student and not a follower. Your day should have a pattern and everything that needs to be done should be given an appointment. If the newspaper wants you to read it, then you should give the newspaper a specific time to engage you. Your time is important, so everything that takes away your time should be scheduled.

2. Disconnect yourself regularly: Take regular time-offs from your daily grind. Find ways of relaxation and refresh yourself with new ideas and thoughts. Engage in your hobbies regularly. If you like fishing, schedule it every week. It’s said that the most creative ideas come to you when your mind is relaxed. So when once you are back at your work, you are keyed up and raring to go.

Point #3: Avoid the #1 killer of time – Distractions: It’s not social media, emails, etc that causes you distractions; it’s YOU. You are the one who let’s them distract you. You cannot do things when you feel like doing it; you have to schedule it. You have to build a boundary of protection around you. The best solution, what I have experienced, to tackle distractions is to get the most important things done before distraction comes looking for you. That means that most of the distractions start after people have started waking up and getting to work. Roughly after 1000 am things start to take on the colors of distraction. So the best thing to do is to schedule all your important activities early in the morning. By doing this, you ensure consistent productivity. It’s said that great poet Ernest Hemmingway used to finish off all his writing before 1000 am. After that, he used to enjoy life. Use that principle.

Point #4: Choose your environment: My experience shows that I can’t get everything done in front of my work-desk. I also don’t like to exercise in the house. I tend to do better outdoors, sucking in the fresh morning air. What environment you choose is entirely up to you. It helps to assign specific environments to specific activities.

To summarize, if you take a look at the above 4 points, you will see a common pattern – it’s about YOU. It starts with you and ends with you. You have the total power and control to manage yourself and boost your productivity. Try the above techniques for a week, and see how you adapt to it.

All the best and God Bless.

How Planning Will Improve Your Personal Productivity

The Key to Personal Productivity – Performance Accountability

I read that only 1% of us are going to reach our goals. How does that sit with you? I didn’t believe it at first, but I continued reading and it became more clear. Most everyone has goals and ideas for a better life but they feel content with just thinking about it. Their personal productivity is something they’d like to work on, but don’t make time for. Maybe they would not agree or admit that, but it is what their actions are saying about them. Only 1% take action and are determined to do whatever it takes to accomplish what they have set out for themselves. Sad, but true!

I am not sure about you but I have a new goal to be one of those 1%!! There are all sorts of secrets to success, and different things work for different people. There is great advantage in performance accountability which can really kick things up a notch. You can create an advantage for yourself that will make it harder to fail and easier to win. Here are some ideas that will make a difference for you in your personal productivity if you are seriously committed 100% to your goal.

1. Choose something you want to achieve or accomplish in the next 90 days? It should be big and bold!

2. Make sure you believe it is possible and that you deserve it. Check in to make sure you are 100% committed! Ask yourself, “am I willing to do whatever it takes?”

3. What are the milestones within every 30 day period? You will be able to measure your progress if you know what’s next and can keep moving forward. Plan all the milestones out ahead of time as your map of what small steps need to be taken to get to the end result.

4. If you are unsure of what the milestones may be then look at the stories of those who have achieved something similar. Ask people for help if you need more ideas about the milestones. Do your research and due diligence and get as clear as you can to feel ready to take the first as well as the second and third step.

5. Declare your 90 day objective everywhere you go and everywhere you are. Talk about it on Facebook, on twitter, on your blog, at networking events, at every place you can! This is accountability at it’s best!

6. Seek out 10 people who will be your cheer team. They can be friends, family, strangers, new friends… doesn’t matter where they come from but ask 10 people if they would be interested in being a part of an experiment you are having and be on your cheer team. At least 75% of them must be active online and use Facebook and twitter regularly. You will share with them what you are working to accomplish and ask that they check in with you at least once a week… the more the better and see how you are doing. Ask them to encourage you and ask them to talk about you and what you are doing on Facebook and twitter. Have conversations with them in those places.

7. Seek out thought leaders in your niche or people who are high profile and successful people you look up to. Be a fan of theirs on Facebook and follow them on twitter. Choose the number of thought leaders you will engage with, up to 10. Doesn’t mean they will engage back, but that’s okay. You will tell them that you really admire and respect what they have accomplished and that you wanted to let them know you are inspired to achieve ‘blank’ in the next 90 days. Some may reply and cheer you on and some won’t. The point is that you have put your goal out there in a bigger way. Send a message to them about once a week and share your progress.

8. Now get out there and take action. Talk about what you are doing every day. Maybe even make a new blog category called My Goal to ‘blank’ and update your progress, your wins and your challenges. Talk about the action you are taking on all your social media platforms.

The idea is to make it harder to fail then it is to win. With performance accountability you can’t back out as easy because you have build a whole little community around your goal. It will be harder to make excuses and justify why you aren’t moving forward. This should support your personal productivity to play bigger and work harder then you ever have before! Also it is really important that you support and encourage the people who support and encourage you. Do what you can to promote what they are up to and introduce your social media friends and followers to them and share links to their blogs or opt-in pages. Be an example of what great encouragement and support looks like! The next move is up to you and you only! Take action to move forward and keep putting one foot in front of the next one… you can do it!