Increasing Personal Productivity

When it comes to achieving your goals, one of the best things you can do is to increase your personal productivity. People who get more done in a day aren’t exactly smarter than everyone else, they just know what to focus their limited amount of time on and cut down on things that waste their time. These people are simply just more efficient. When you become more efficient, you will produce more and that in turn will allow you to achieve more.

There are lots of ways to improve personal productivity like having a list, prioritizing it, and checking the tasks off as you complete them. Here are some other things you can try as well.

Schedule a set amount of time during the day to work on your most important task. Many times, the thing that we have to do most is the thing that we least want to do. In order to ensure that we get it done and not procrastinate on doing it will be to set a specific time where you will do nothing but that task. Typically, you want to set a time in the morning. After lunch, as you know, can be a tiring time to work on anything important.

When you are actually working on this task, you want to make sure you get rid of all disturbances. That means, put your cellphone on silent, let your phone calls go to voice mail, and inform everyone around you to not interrupt. By doing this, you will have a solid hour or 2 of focus time. This will allow you to finish what you need to do efficiently because you won’t get side tracked or lose focus. With other tasks that are of less importance and don’t require much concentration, you can tackle that while doing other small tasks at the same time.

Increasing productivity isn’t exactly rocket science but it does take a little bit of experimenting. Some things will just work better for you than others. For some, having this focus time won’t work since they need interaction and movement to get things done. What you want to do is measure your results in order to find out what’s working or not. You can do this by simply keeping time of how long it takes you to do certain tasks. When you find one way of doing it helps you get it done faster, stick with that strategy.

Personal Productivity for Internet Marketers: 4 Tips to Keep You on the Path to Results

In this industry, it is extremely easy to get distracted from what you’re doing, and lack of focus is one of the biggest killers of possible success. You’re working at home, you’ve got tons of distractions, and at times you feel like information overload is drowning you. But you can manage yourself more effectively and keep on the path to making money if you focus your efforts.

Here are 5 personal productivity tips for internet marketers.

1. Work in Highly Focused Blocks

One of the easiest ways to power through and make some real progress is to develop a laser-pointed focus. Set a timer and focus on one thing at a time. I find that an hour spent just doing one thing can be highly productive. Then take a ten minute break to move around or even meditate, and then do another hour-long session. This is great for eliminating the horrible habit of multitasking.

2. Start Off Your Day With a Workout

A powerful way to keep your mind and emotions functioning properly is a daily workout. A lot of internet marketers wake up and stumble groggily to their computer, just to turn it on and get right to work–often with their breakfast in hand.

Take a moment to let yourself wake up, then charge yourself with a good 30 minute to 1 hour workout. There are many good reasons this is smart and healthy–just looking at the physical condition of most IM’ers should be reason enough–but you’ll be amazed at what exercise does for personal productivity.

3. Never Turn On Your computer Without a Plan

Every time you sit down in front of your computer, decide what it is you want to accomplish. Don’t give yourself too much to do, and don’t deviate from the plan unless absolutely necessary. If you don’t do this, its way to easy to start running around the endless connections of the internet, getting lost in a maze of your own making.

4. Make a Vision Screensaver

Goals are an extremely important component to personal productivity. You need to have something to set your sights on–something on the horizon–in order to find the energy and focus for tasks at hand.

Have you ever heard of a vision board? A vision board is when you make a collage of images that represent everything you want in life, and then you hang it up in your office so you can look at it everyday. It might show financial possessions, the home you want to own, activities you imagine your successful self doing it offers immediate inspiration every time you look at it.

The Vision Screensaver is similar, but it’s on your computer. Open up a simple program like Microsoft Publisher, and then find images all over the web–there are plenty and it’s easy to find good ones. Assemble them in a collage. Consider putting a white box in the middle of this collage that states a specific, monetary goal–for example: “By November 3, I will create $5000 a month in passive income.”

The goal is, of course, up to you.

Now turn it into your screensaver so you see it every time you go to work. Very powerful.

5. Practice Disciplined Email Management

One of the most distracting tools online are our email accounts–well, if you ignore Facebook (you should really starve yourself from Facebook unless you’re off work). It’s so easy to pop into our email accounts to see if there’s something important and then next thing you know you’re running around doing a million things everyone else wants you to do.

Follow some of Tim Ferris’ email rules from The Four Hour Workweek. Only check your email twice a day–one time about 2 hours after starting work, and one time 2 hours after lunch is over. Let people know what times you check so you don’t have problems, and handle all your emails at designated times. See Tim’s book for more of his ideas.

I even outsource my email. My Filipina virtual assistant runs the account, as well as others, for me, and she emails my personal account if we really get something she can’t handle on her own. Works like a charm, and my personal productivity has gone through the roof.

Increase Your Personal Productivity With 3 Simple Strategies

You can use 3 simple strategies to increase your personal productivity and propel your Internet Marketing Business to the next level. Productivity can be an issue for Internet Marketers, or really anyone who runs their own business. One of the reasons people want to have their own business is to have control over their work schedule. But the freedom this allows, can lead to being non productive. Remember when you want to ‘be your own boss’ you have to BE the BOSS, and hold yourself accountable for getting work done. It is often too easy to get distracted and put off working until ‘later’, and then ‘later’ doesn’t arrive. Avoid this possibility by implementing these strategies.

Time commitment:

Set up specific time commitment to work on your business. It doesn’t have to be 8 hours a day, but it does need to be daily. OK so maybe you could take one day off – it is your business you decide. Write down your schedule and discuss this time commitment with the other members of your household. Make sure they are aware that you are committed to working on your business and request that they refrain from disturbing you furring this time. Use this time to do activities that will advance your business plan, do not spend it reading email, checking your stats, or chatting in forums. (Unless you are marketing on the forums). Focusing on income producing activities will bring the success you seek.

Prepare a business Plan:

You CAN begin without one. The important thing is to begin. However without a business plan, you won’t know which income producing activities to focus on. Most start their business plan with their overall desire (IE make $10,000 a month). But in the beginning stages of Internet Marketing, it may be more beneficial to begin setting goals that are more easily obtainable (IE build your website within a month). Then expand the plan as you become aware of your own marketing strategy strengths. Review and revise the plan as needed. Once you understand the basics and how much time it takes to accomplish the tasks involved you will be able to prepare a more comprehensive and realistic business plan. Then follow your plan.

Hold yourself accountable:

Give yourself a monthly review. (OK some may need a weekly or even daily review!) Remember to treat your business as a business and not a hobby. If you would like the income generated by a business, you must work it as a business. Be professional and give your best effort. If you cannot live up to your own expectations, working from home may not be the best idea for you. Consistent effort over time is the key to success in Internet Marketing as well as in life.

Increasing your personal productivity will be beneficial in your Internet Marketing. Make a business plan, commit to a predetermined work schedule, and hold yourself accountable to sticking with it. This is the kind of common sense advice your Grandmother would have told you, and it is still true. Productivity management could be an important aspect for achieving success.